Potos is the seaport of the village of Theologos. It started off as a small fishing village, but quickly evolved into a modern place, full of seaside bars with live music and cheer, that garner the interest of mostly the youth that seek night life, but also that of new families.

Potos is located in the southern part of Thassos, it is built by the sea – a big advantage of the settlement -, it has a large, beautiful, sandy beach with view of the Athos peninsula, and amazing sunsets. It attracts many tourists, largely satisfying their expectations, as it combines the convenience of swimming in the sea while simultaneously enjoying food or drinks in one of the many seaside restaurants, taverns and beach bars.

It has been selected as one of the top summer destinations for the youth and rightfully so. In the many meeting spots visitors can relax while enjoying a drink or a dance and listening to music until the late hours of the night, spreading their youthful vitality and joy.

The cosmopolitan nature of Potos is amplified by the luxurious hotels that are built in the surrounding area and provide all sorts of services.