Giola is described as a unique global geological phenomenon. It is a lush green, emerald natural lake, which was formed from the rock cavities by the sea. Its formation took centuries of battling between the waves and the rocks, thus it is considered an amazing miracle of nature. Its height, as it approaches the sea, gradually lowers, until the edges of its sides are close enough to the surface of the sea.

It is very popular, especially among young people, who enjoy the very warm waters with an enthusiastic dive up from the high rocks. The less bold can dive from the “steps” formed by the rocks. But everyone can enjoy sunbathing onto impressing plateaus formed of sea rocks.

It’s worth the trouble to visit and admire Giola, this unique natural swimming pool which is located 4 km away from Astris, and whose water gradually replenishes naturally from the waves of the sea. Access to it is of course pretty difficult, but the challenge to swim in its waters – with a depth of 3 meters and warmer that the sea surrounding them – is pretty irresistible.