Just 4 km away from Panagia is its port, Skala Panagias, the famous Golden Beach. It is a picturesque bay with crystal-clear, shallow waters and a vast expanse of golden sand, from where it got its name.

The trademark of this beach is the so-called “Monopetri”, the twin rocks in the sea, attractive for diving from their top. To the left there is a sheltered harbor with fishing boats, and beyond that there is a series of small, yet unexplored scenic beaches, such as Vathis and Vathi.

Opposite to Monopetri is a small hill, the “Vigli”, from where the watchers used to inspect the sea for pirate ships, which the island feared and trembled, and gave the signal so that the residents would hide in safe places. That is why the village of Panagia, as well as the rest of the inland villages in Thassos, are built on the mountains, in a place not visible from the sea. Today, a restaurant and a bar stand on top of the hill of Vigli with a panoramic view of the sea, so enchanting it is breathtaking.

Golden Beach has a plethora of nicely built hotels and apartments, restaurants, taverns and bars. It has a very good tourist infrastructure, and continues to grow. It also boasts an organized camping, water sports, offers sun beds and umbrellas in the beach, and the option of car and bike rental.

Visitors can indulge in all the modern amenities and enjoy their swimming in an amazing environment, which combines the blue of the sea with the green of the pines and olive trees, and they surely can’ t miss the majestic presence of the rocky ridge of Mount Ipsarion directly in front of them, as they swim.