Golden Coast (or Skala Potamias) lies the other side (to the right) of the bay of Golden Beach. With Crystal clear green waters, calm and shallow, with pine trees that in some places reach the rocks and the sea, it is a well organised beach with a variety of restaurants, bars, taverns, super markets and hotels.

The beach itself is less rich and at certain parts there are only pebbles instead of sand, yet it still has its charm and is full of tourists, even in the harbor area.

Beside the small harbor with the fishing boats there is the “Kalogeriko”, and old, impressive stone building, that the sea used to pass underneath it in older days. Today it is renovated, and serves as an exhibition space for cultural creation.

Opposite of it, one can gaze at the uninhabited small island of “Krambousa”, which is visited by the islanders in boats on Saint Theodore’s day, honoring the small chapel that can be found in the island, which is dedicated to their memory.

Skala Potamias is especially alive during nighttime, thanks to the hangouts for young people and the bars with live music. It adjoins Golden Beach via an asphalt road, but there is a particular grace in covering this small distance while walking next to the waves and the sand dunes.