Limenaria is located at the southern part of Thassos. It has a very pleasant, mild climate. Limenaria flourished thanks to the iron and lead silver mines in the area that drew the attention of the Germans. The German company Speidel took over the mining and its offices were housed on the top of a hill with panoramic view in a beautiful building, which is known by the name of “Palataki” (small palace). This structure is being restored, because its architecture and location are both enchanting.

Underneath the “Palataki” is the beach of “Metalleia” (mines), along with the now abandoned mines, since the ore mining has stopped for years now, after employing workers from the village of Kastro first, then from all the villages of Thassos. Traces of the mining are noticeable throughout the beach (metal structures, cranes and rails), whose distinct color is a result of that.

The mines contributed to the tremendous growth of Limenaria, which became the most populous village of Thassos during the second half of the 20th century. Their demographic development concluded with the coming of a wave of immigrants from Asia Minor’s Haraki, which strengthened the local populations.

In a short distance from Limenaria there is the extremely interesting, historically speaking, village of Kastro (Castle). It is regarded as the oldest authentic Medieval village of Thassos, that owes its name to its fortifications and attracts all the more visitors that want to get to know it. Neighbouring Limenaria is also the village of Kalyvia and together they form a community.

Today Limenaria have a remarkable tourism infrastructure and are a popular destination. They offer full services to the visitors due to the many hotels, restaurants, taverns, bars and also two museums, one of Folk Art that is run by the cultural association “To Kastro” and a small private one.

The view to the Aegean Sea, to Mount Athos and to Limnos that Limenaria provides is unique. Many sandy beaches, small and big, are found within Limenaria, or in short distance from it. Besides the Metalleia beach, Trypiti is also a famous beach. Pefkari beach is very beautiful and organized and a bit further Rosogremos and Psili Ammos.