Limenas (or Thassos), built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thassos, is the capital of the island and its administrative center. It is a very beautiful town with ancient history, full of archaeological monuments of exceptional interest.

The ancient city walls with the famous military Gate of Silenus are certainly impressive, unique in Greece thanks to its rare Dionysiac character. The Acropolis with the temple of Apollo and Athena, and a little farther the altar of Pan, the ancient theater with the fantastic panoramic view of the harbor, the ancient market with the Diodes of Theoroi and the memorial to the Thassian Olympic winner Theagenes, the Archaeological Museum (one of the most beautiful in Greece) with rare finds such as the Kriophoros Kouros (ram-bearing boy) and the inscription with the boustrophedon writing (from left to right then from right to left) compose an enchanting world that bewitches the visitor.

Also impressive is the ancient military port, submerged in water, with only parts of it being visible. In the Roman Forum, at the center of Limenas, ruins of the Roman era and an interesting mosaic of a Roman residence are preserved. In the same area, there are the remains of an early Christian basilica, while ancient embossed plates can be found aligned in a modern house. The archaeological excavations were organized by the French Archaeological School, and many highly significant archaeological finds adorn the Louvre Museum today.

The town of Limenas features two small sandy beaches -a third one was sacrificed to become a marina for sailboats. However, the beautiful beach of Makryammos is nearby, with the picturesque stone bungalows and the many small scenic bays like Glikadi, Glyfada, Papalimani and Glyfoneri. Restaurants, taverns, bars, banks, a wide range of accommodation and a rich market satisfy the visitor’ s every need.